Reception. Observation. Perception. Emotion.


The Philosophical Main Course

No Going Back

I offer this advisory warning: the content of this post concerns a video game. If you predict your time will be wasted by continuing, then read no further. Otherwise, I’d like to tell you about Final Fantasy XII, the greatest video game ever.

Compulsory Curiosity

“Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics; I can assure you that mine are much greater.” A teenage girl had written a letter to Albert Einstein requesting help for her homework assignment. The eminent physicist replied with the desired assistance and this reassuring statement.

The Spirit Is Alive

Today I had the pleasure of experiencing one of those Bible-induced revelatory moments whilst reading through Romans 8, a chapter which is itself fascinating, challenging, and uplifting all at once. When I reached verse 10, so many avenues of thought were about to be opened.