Reception. Observation. Perception. Emotion.


The Philosophical Main Course


I don’t believe I’ve ever been in a relationship that’s lasted a whole year. Maybe this helps explain some of my current troubles… and past troubles, for that matter. On at least three occasions I’ve managed to date someone for several months before things came crashing down like an Angry Birds edifice.


He rode around in a golf cart. He’d suffered a stroke several years prior and couldn’t possess a standard driver’s license. So he would occasionally travel up and down our street in that golf cart.


Remember their faces, adorned with beaming smiles. Remember their stories, full of mischief, laughter and love. Remember their final hour in this world, and the ungodly shock we felt.

Lost and Found, Part 1

I was sitting across the table from my account manager Suzy, my Chick-fil-A chicken biscuit cautiously awaiting its fate. She and I were meeting to discuss certain frustrations that had crept into my job and indeed my life.

Best of the Best

Eventually I narrowed my list of ultimate powers to four. Ponder each of them carefully, then ask yourself: Which power would I choose over the rest, and would I trust myself to wield that power responsibly?


At some point during my vacation, the switch was flipped. This moment was my Mental Breakthrough, and the resulting conviction was that my life deserves the benefit of a positive mindset.

The Spice of Life

Religion is at once the most divisive and the most essential of human characteristics. It is the gateway to philosophy and freedom, yet may also be a conduit for conformity and oppression.


Well, it happened again. Someone on a grand stage forgot the lyrics to our national anthem. This time Christina Aguilera was the unfortunate victim of circumstance, but the same thing has happened many times before.