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The Mountain

Philosophy is an extremely tumultuous undertaking, one which is similar to scaling a mountain. Just as the eager hiker travels further and further from the ground below and attains a new perspective of the entire landscape for miles around, so too does the philosopher gain a new perspective of reality itself. The view is astonishing, but also overwhelming. As more awareness is gained, so too is ignorance of what still remains to be discovered. An astronaut is but a mountain climber who took a different path. A philosopher must also forge unexpected paths to higher levels of awareness and truth.

The world has become strange, no matter the perspective from which it is viewed. It is possible that I have already lost hope of ever understanding it, or whether it is worth understanding at all. I am just an amateur philosopher, but who is the expert?

Recently I was compelled to post two entries on this website, but I quickly removed them for being “too difficult” to be worth existing. However, since absurdity currently reigns supreme, I will regurgitate them here with a bit of commentary.


I have been thinking a lot about the current direction of reality, and I do believe the time has arrived for a National Divorce. The country should be split in two. I think most people could be easily convinced likewise. My initial proposal is that the two countries should remain strong friends, so I propose an east/west split where both nations have full coasts for port trading, beach life, and such.

The liberal side should possess the west coast, consisting of California, Oregon, Washington, and Arizona. Possibly Nevada/Idaho/Montana as well, but that can be debated. The rest would belong to the conservative side. If this were allowed to take place, the voting patterns would instantly benefit those who choose to live in their desired nation. Migration would be freely allowed (no “walls”) so people could move to the place which best suits them, but I truly think we should attempt this. The time has come.

Nothing much to add here; this is merely an idea I think is worth considering at this point. And here is the next:

World is Cursed!

I am trying to reign in my energy these days. The world is obviously cursed, and horrible entities (like the cadaver Biden) are making purposefully destructive decisions. God loves his pets, so we must have the courage to combat the evil ones. Have some willpower and fight! Obviously vote for DJ Trump in the next election, then prepare to ostracize weird trannies in the years ahead, for they are ruining the world. We could achieve major success, both spiritually and financially, if simpletons would just gravitate towards truth and pragmatism. The enemies are at the gate, but they are weak and ridiculous, so swat them aside accordingly. Hate them for the destruction they have already caused, and punish them rightfully for their idiocy. We must have no more patience for these warped beings.

Pretty strong words, yes? Yet in a world as absurd as this one, they resonate. Words have power—only as much as we give them, but indeed such power we bestow. So here we are, a species with some ideas that we form into words, then actions. What are the ideas worth pursuing?

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