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New News

It’s been a month since Grok, and the cavalcade of ideas it provided for rumination have now morphed and settled into something more resolute. I was fortunate to lead two short discussions at this event, which featured a mix of excellent presenters who, like me, doubled as attendees.

It Was All Yellow

Over two years ago I wrote this tweet: “Still amazed by how many GOOD websites and apps don’t specify a default background color or text color.” Tragically the situation has remained virtually unchanged to this day.

Apples to Crapples

If there are any fans of Charlie Sheen left, they probably work for Apple. The 300-billion-dollar tech behemoth would be only too pleased to see someone else on the receiving end of public furor these days.

Simple or Flexible… or Both?

A one-for-all, all-for-one solution to website content management is the holy grail of my profession. For my web development work for clients, I find that several of them have a lot of specific features they want in their content management system (CMS). But soon enough I’m walking the tight rope between simplicity and flexibility.

Firebug Fail

What’s up, all you savvy web developers? Question: do you enjoy using Firebug to make coding and debugging a blissful experience? Does it indeed make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? Well, good for you, because things are about to change.

Perfect Software

The difference between my line of work—software development—and others is the fact that the consequences of imperfections are far more drastic though they are just as inevitable.