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The Nine (Link)

Dear friends and visitors,

I hope that you will each do me the favor of reading my latest essay, entitled The Nine. I believe that I was in the right place, at the right time, and in the right state of mind to allow my soul to be poured out into this work. I would also value your comments, if indeed you are compelled to leave any, on this page.


Brad G.

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  1. I applaud your ability to find a lesson in each experience with The Nine. In my humble opinion, everyone needs great friends of the opposite sex, many need to date different types of individuals, and everyone should have their heart broken. Having great friends, dating different types of people and suffering a broken heart all teach us valuable lesson about ourselves. Great friends are there to encourage us and laugh with us. They are the ones who help pick us back up after being “shot down”. Dating a variety of personality types can shometimes show us we are not confined to the mold we create for ourselves, then feel we have to stay within. Variety enables us to be flexible, moldable if you will. Variety thrusts us into the unknown which leads to self discovery. And, being amongst the broken hearted humbles us if we let it. It shows our ability to rise up and overcome. It tests our strength. And when we do finally find “The One”, having all of these experiences prepares us for the real life ahead.

    Great essay! Never quite seen this side of you. Nice to know its there.

  2. Thanks, Alecia. You know if I had included family and relatives on the list, you’d have been on there! You always had my back in the rough and tumble Ripley…

  3. Wow–how did you know I needed this?

    Great essay, and all of it so true, even in my considerably limited experience. Thanks for pointing out that there is always hope, regardless of how you may feel at the time.

  4. Amazingly well written and good to hear all of that from a guy’s perspective. You acted quickly on this one :)

  5. Thanks to those above as well as the many who gave feedback outside this comments page.

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