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Brademixx 2013

Arriving sooner than expected and at twice the typical length, 2013’s mix tape is ready to envelop your ears in ecstasy. Methinks you may like it even better than discs 1, 2, 3, or 4. I say “discs” only because my playlists are always pared down to 80 minutes or less (or in this case, a “double album” of 160 minutes). The usual restrictions apply: no artist or album appears twice. But there’s always been more to my philosophy than this.



To me, the most important parts of an album are the first and final tracks. The opener needs to represent the whole—it should prepare you for the musical journey you are about to take. Production quality, originality, and lyrical or emotional themes are key. Additionally I prefer to choose a song that is not already the first track on its own album, because I want to surprise the listener a bit with my choice. I approach the final track similarly. It must not be the final track of its source album, yet it must contain a powerful idea that remains with the listener when the experience is over. The opening and closing tracks are not always decided at the outset, but the candidates usually become clear soon enough.

Once these are established, the first four and last four tracks tend to fall into place without too much analysis. The idea of “winding up” or “winding down” is critical in a mix tape—the emotional content should carry smoothly from one track to the next, even while it is subtly changing. Typically a strong idea will last for three or four tracks before becoming something else, and if the idea is especially intriguing or sobering, then that’s a prime spot to follow up with a meditative track, typically one without vocals.

These are just a few of the guidelines I use when constructing these playlists. I also review the lyrics after setting the final track order to ensure that everything has come together cohesively. For this edition of Brademixx, I have once again used MOG as my primary tool, but this time I have also made it available on Rdio and Spotify. (UPDATE: All Brademixxes are now available as MP3 files only.)

Download Brademixx 2013 Part 1 (Disc 5)

Download Brademixx 2013 Part 2 (Disc 6)

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Brademixx 2013 Part 1 (Disc 5)

  1. “Bizness” — tUnE-yArDs — W H O K I L L
  2. “No Love” — Hooray for Earth — True Loves
  3. “Freakum Dress” — Beyoncé — B’Day
  4. “Bo Bootch” — Plaid — Peel Session
  5. “Crystalline [Omar Souleyman Remix]” — Björk — Bastards
  6. “About Her” — Malcolm McLaren — Kill Bill Vol. 2 Original Soundtrack
  7. “Into the Hollow” — Queens of the Stone Age — Era Vulgaris
  8. “Only Shallow” — My Bloody Valentine — Loveless
  9. “Tonight, Tonight” — Smashing Pumpkins — Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
  10. “Umi Says” — Mos Def — Black on Both Sides
  11. “Sleep to Dream” — Fiona Apple — Tidal
  12. “Alberto Balsalm” — Aphex Twin — I Care Because You Do
  13. “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” — R.E.M. — Monster
  14. “Solidify” — Sheryl Crow — Tuesday Night Music Club
  15. “Little Secrets” — Passion Pit — Manners
  16. “Dorset Perception” — Shpongle — Tales of the Inexpressible
  17. “We Are the People” — Empire of the Sun — Walking on a Dream

Brademixx 2013 Part 2 (Disc 6)

  1. “Head Down” — Soundgarden — Superunknown
  2. “I Think That I Would Die” — Hole — Live Through This
  3. “Africastle” — Battles — Gloss Drop
  4. “Kids” — Sleigh Bells — Treats
  5. “Marbles” — Plone — For Beginner Piano
  6. “Mammal” — They Might Be Giants — Apollo 18
  7. “Free Your Mind” — En Vogue — Funky Divas
  8. “Magic Toys for Girls and Boys” — Boy Robot — Rotten Cocktails
  9. “Reunion” — M83 — Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming
  10. “L.E.S. Artistes” — Santigold — Santigold
  11. “Rearviewmirror” — Pearl Jam — Vs.
  12. “Hammer Without a Master” — Broadcast — The Future Crayon
  13. “Hella Good” — No Doubt — Rock Steady
  14. “Sam Hell” — Helmet — Betty
  15. “Angel’s Son” — Sevendust — Animosity
  16. “Lush 3-5 [C.J. Bolland]” — Orbital — Diversions
  17. “Fotzepolitic” — Cocteau Twins — Heaven or Las Vegas
  18. “Bullet Proof… I Wish I Was” — Radiohead — The Bends
  19. “The Only Way (Is the Wrong Way)” — Filter — The Amalgamut

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