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Mix Tape: The Sequel

Bradezone has been revamped, Battles has released a brand new album, and summer is in the air. The time is indeed ripe for an extension to last year’s mammoth mix tape. A primary inspiration for this latest endeavor is the inimitable Bjork, to whom I tragically avoided listening for far too long. While I’ll never truly understand the cause of this delay, the important thing is that it has been rectified. And rather than pull a George Lucas and “tweak” my now-legendary playlist to include the Icelandic sensation, I resolved to produce an all-new selection of musical wonderment, especially since I’ve been introduced to several other top-caliber artists in the interim. Not only that, but many long-time favorites are now represented as well, and I believe fate has decreed they fit all the more perfectly into the present mix.

Just like last year, my rules are simple: no artist or album can be represented twice, and all the songs must be able to fit on one CD, even if that CD never gets burned. This discipline has resulted in a very carefully crafted final product, one that I invite you to enjoy.

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Brademixx 2011 (Disc 3)

  1. “The Number Song” — DJ Shadow — Endtroducing…
  2. “When I Grow Up” — Fever Ray — Fever Ray
  3. “River of Deceit” — Mad Season — Above
  4. “It’s Raining Clouds” — Blockhead — The Music Scene
  5. “Metallic Madness” — Spencer Nilsen — Sonic CD
  6. “Gumdrops” — Akira Takemoto — 2197
  7. “Ready to Start” — Arcade Fire — The Suburbs
  8. “We Form In Crystals” — Motoi Sakuraba — Star Ocean: The Second Story: Original Soundtrack
  9. “Outside” — Tribe — Abort
  10. “Idol Talk” — Akino Arai, Yoko Kanno — Macross Plus: Original Soundtrack II
  11. “Every Time” — Girl Unit — Wut
  12. “Loud Pipes” — Ratatat — Classics
  13. “Welcome Home” — Coheed & Cambria — Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness
  14. “Dracula’s Theme” — Masanori Adachi, Sotaro Tojima — Super Castlevania IV Soundtrack
  15. “Joga” — Bjork — Homogenic
  16. “Helicopter” — Deerhunter — Halcyon Digest
  17. “Gabriel” — Lamb — What Sound

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  1. Glad you enjoy! I’m always up for music suggestions as well =]

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