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Kuro Kuro

Our bachelors’ pad recently welcomed a fifth member: Kuro Kuro, the black kitty of triumph. But you can call him Kuku for short. Not only is he highly personable, he possesses a very stately appearance with his oversized ears and long legs. Everyone who has met Kuku loves him. In fact, we’ve had to stave off a couple of would-be catnappers. What is the world coming to?

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  1. Sounds like a great name for a kid’s book: Kuku: The Black Kitty of Triumph. There’s your next writing project, Brade. I smell best-seller.

  2. He is majestic, yet skinny and spindly. With his regal black fur and his gangly legs and gigantic ears, he personifies (or felinifies?) the grandeur and the smallness woven into the fabric of the human condition. Ah, Kuro Kuro. Ah, humanity.

  3. And ah, felinity. So well put. Between you and Jordan, I am now convinced that Kuku is a literary symbol, functioning both as himself and for some higher purpose. The mystery continues…

  4. Of course. The perfect kitty would never fail to use his litter box. Okay, so he likes to scratch my recliner, but hey…

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