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Scallops and Soy Sauce

First things first. With God’s merciful assistance I was able to pass all my classes this semester (with nary a D, no less) and participate in “The Great Hooding” along with my fellow special achievers. The minor caveat remains of two summer classes, but these predominantly involve writing, so I plan to enjoy them.

I have had the special opportunity of “getting my grub on” recently at two Chinese bistros here in Greenville: Lieu’s and P. F. Chang’s. Aside from honing my chopstick skills to near adequacy, I savored the flavor of each restaurant’s take on the classic Kung Pao chicken. I am pleased to report that both establishments accomplished the taste equivalent of the zapateado inside my mouth. Though I would give Lieu’s the slight advantage, I am actually more pleased that each dish left an impression wholly distinct from the other. A slight “mishap” occurred at Chang’s when I was brought Kung Pao with scallops instead of the desired poultry, a fact not discovered with certainty until half my portion was consumed. Upon allowing my fellow diners to affirm my findings, I requested an exchange and the staff promptly delivered. I should mention this was the opening night for Chang’s here in town, so a few “kinks” were bound to occur, and I was more than willing to help “iron them out” via a second helping. Also I should mention that the decor and ambiance were top notch, and the young ladies who took my name and assisted us to our table were of pleasant countenance. One wore eyelid glitter, which merely emboldens my belief that every living female has at least one piece of glitter on her at all times.

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