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Brademixx 2018

80 minutes of ecstasy—that is what’s in store for you.

This edition of Brademixx features an extra infusion of French chanteuses—see if you can spot them! Also, since these posts have become nearly the only time I check in with all of you anymore, let’s throw in some random news and notes. Firstly, Stugotz is my current hero from the entire sports landscape. Secondly, I really enjoy playing Prominence Poker on the PS4. Thirdly, Chef’s Table is the best thing on Netflix. Fourthly, did you guys know I went to Japan last year? Seems like I should’ve mentioned that. Until next time, folks!

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  1. “Makeba” — Jain — Zanaka
  2. “Deadly Valentine” — Charlotte Gainsbourg — Rest
  3. “The Chase” — Original Recipe — Fear of a Digital Planet
  4. “Homebrew” — 311 — Grassroots
  5. “Way I Feel” — Diemantle — Way I Feel / Damagement
  6. “Between the Lines” — Bonobo, Bajka — Days to Come
  7. “El Cargo” — Amon Tobin — Chaos Theory
  8. “Fighting Fate” — Masashi Hamauzu — Final Fantasy XIII (Original Soundtrack)
  9. “One Good Thing” — Lou Rhodes & The Cinematic Orchestra — Ninja Tune XX Vol. 2
  10. “Between Us and Them” — Ulrich Schnauss — Far Away Trains Passing By
  11. “Sometimes I Feel So Deserted” — The Chemical Brothers — Born in the Echoes
  12. “Batdance” — Prince — Batman
  13. “Hell” — Clown Core — Toilet
  14. “Busy Earnin'” — Jungle — Jungle
  15. “Sake” — Jupiter — Juicy Lucy
  16. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle” — Cake — Motorcade of Generosity
  17. “Catch Me if You Can” — TopLady — TopLady II
  18. “The Rest of Us” — Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld — Never Were the Way She Was

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