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McCain or Obama?

I have never been the biggest fan of John McCain’s, though I still planned on voting for him this November. While I was briefly swept up by the admittedly masterful orations of Barack Obama, particularly his Iowa victory speech, I knew that I couldn’t eventually allow myself to vote in the general election for someone this exceedingly liberal. Since then I’ve learned a little more about the candidates, and now I have no problem declaring my full-fledged support for John McCain as our next President.

First, take a look at Obama’s opposition to the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Bill. You will likely be hearing about this more and more during the campaign, and for good reason. While a member of the Illinois State Senate, Obama voted against a bill that would protect the life of a baby born during a botched abortion. No matter how you slice this, he explicitly supported infanticide. So Barack believes that a newborn baby, out of the womb, can justifiably be left to die simply because an abortion was not performed correctly? That is nowhere close to the type of “change” I could ever “believe in” for our country.

Meanwhile Senator McCain has just been featured in an incredible Washington Times article about his role in turning the tide in Iraq. I plead with every one of you to read this article. McCain has worked tirelessly to incorporate the proper strategy in Iraq to secure our victory there. The successful military surge that you’ve heard about during the past year was largely due to his efforts with support from fellow senators Joe Lieberman and South Carolina’s own Lindsey Graham.

I think these articles confirm what most of us suspect. While John McCain is not a great public speaker, probably not much better than the hapless George W. Bush, none of us should vote for the highest office in the land based solely on speaking ability. Nor should we place undue importance on fringe issues such as technology in deciding our vote. This election should be about the confidence we have in our next leader. John McCain has been through the fire. We all know the story of his experience in Vietnam as a POW, repeatedly tortured yet refusing to submit to his captors. I believe that prepared him well for his role in public service, where any opposition or difficulties he has faced must pale in comparison. Now that I realize the amazing effort he put forth in ensuring Iraq did not turn into another Vietnam, and knowing he is not afraid of dissenting with his own party when he trusts his own convictions, John McCain merits my vote in a big way. I hope he will merit yours.

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  1. Brade,

    I was so hoping that Fred would make it past the primaries cause I wanted to vote for him. By the time the IL primary came around McCain had already won and so I voted on the Dem ticket…for Obama. I looked at his views and we agreed on quite a few. I will have to tell you that his vote against the Born Alive bill you mentioned has a little more to it than a simple vote against. That doesn’t mean I defend the man at all, but he voted against it because there were already laws in IL in place to protect a child in such circumstances. He voted against it because he thought it was a useless piece of legislation. Since that vote I figured out that Obama is a little too liberal for my liking, but even more important is his tax code. I don’t mind the taxes being raised, but I believe his proposed taxes will make our economic circumstances far worse.

    Now I believe I can vote for McCain. I don’t believe that he will be the 3 term of Bush. Good post I need to read the article that you recommend.

    Mark Rosedale

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