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Shock and Awe

So I needed to take a drive to clear my head, and I chose a good night to do it. An electrical storm was in the works, causing the sky to change from a shroud of darkness to an incredible array of massive clouds backlit by the lightning behind them. What surprised me even more was the utter frequency of the effects. And the whole thing was experienced amidst the sounds of the Wipeout Fusion soundtrack. The event was fairly awe-inspiring—like a divine fireworks display.

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  1. Ahhh yes, those moments are excellent. Everything seems to come together all at once. I had a similar moment one evening whilst driving home from church in the old country. My sister was in the car with me, and I had my windshield wipers cranking out full speed while the rain came down. Everything seemed to go in time to the Oakenfold that was blasting. I’ve never forgotten it.

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