Reception. Observation. Perception. Emotion.


Get in the car. Plug in the music player. Where will the road lead this time? Today the ebb and flow of thoughts have intensified. This is the escape, but that does not imply freedom. Pursuit is constant; only the role I play varies. It’s time to turn on Violence is Golden by the Scanners

Now the sun is rising, spreading through the sky
Chase my horizons far away
Carrying the break of day
Chase my demons far away
Chase them far away

I’m tired of talking, I guess. I was in a bind, then I drove up to the fast food window, and the girl had way more joy than I’ve seen from anyone in quite a while. This time thoughts still pushed and pulled. There are a lot of good things still happening—did you just see? Today you saw familiar scenery as you made your way back, but it had a new aspect. Something that’s always there at the beginning, when the mystery is still unfolding. It’s lost gradually; it has to lose that. But sometimes it returns for a spell. When you feel the breeze and the songs are alive, you are close to… Now are you beginning to understand why that feeling of dread balances the joy of the moment? Hey, don’t read into that too much, okay? You’ve at least grasped a little bit about what’s going on, because you didn’t come back to it, you came back for it.

It’s a beautiful day—the best we’ve had in a while.

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  1. I am writing something. Yes, I plan to make it the most interesting thing ever written. I go to the store. A car is parked. In the store, there are items for sale. I will end my writing here.

    The most bored person ever born

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