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Behold, some random stuff I have developed for my own edification, and now yours. Enjoy.

Twitter XL

Twitter allows you to access your last 3200 tweets, but not without irritation. This app makes it easy.


What’s in your collection? Klection lets you organize the movies, TV shows, and video games in your personal collection. You can also leave comments for each item and read other member comments there or from a central page, also available as an RSS feed. Klection provides a clean and user-friendly interface for keeping track of what you watch and play.

BZ Lite

BZ Lite is a minimalist theme for Drupal aiming for a clear and straightforward presentation. It is especially useful as an admin theme and has been tested with many of the most popular modules. The goal of this theme is to be lightweight and simplify the site navigation process.


I created an alternate style sheet for the wonderfully slim Adminer, a tool that lets you work with MySQL databases, but with less overhead than the also useful phpMyAdmin. Check it out near the bottom of the main project page.

Autocomplete Always On

This is a Greasemonkey script I whipped up that allows Firefox (and potentially other browsers) to save all passwords, even on sites that try to prevent you from doing so. It expands on an existing script to account for forms that are inside iframes or frames, and forms that attempt to use the onsubmit event to disallow password saving.

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  1. Hello,

    The script “Autocomplete Always On” does not work with

    Not sure if it is a known issue or if I am missing something.

    Sorry for the bother,

  2. Honestly I would just recommend using LastPass these days!

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